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May 2011

Dear Friends,

It was so good to see spring arrive althoughy it has been cold and rainy.  It is my favorite time of year with the trees an dflowers blooming, and the grass is so green.  I know the children are excited to get to go outside and play after being inside all winter.

I appreciate all you do for the children, and want to thank you for it.  I know it takes a lot of counseling to get them adjusted to a stable home life which many of them have not had.  Some day they will realize how blessed they have been to have a home like that.

Vera H.
Kansas City KS

November 2009

Dear Michelle,

Recently 4 members of the congregation of Walnut View Christian Church visited Alpha Christian Children's Home to deliver Halloween bags to the children.  While we were there, we also received a wonderful tour of the facilities and met Jeff & Devin Mulpas and Terri Schupbach.  We're very appreciative of courtesy they extended to us and were delighted to meet them and see the facilities.  We thank you very much for the opportunity.  It broadened our view of the work you do.

Joy D Moser
Walnut View Christian Church
Topeka, KS

November 2009

Dear Children,

I want to tell you a little about who I am.  At age 86, I am fairly active in community affairs here in Clinton, MO.  I was one of 12 children, and my parents loved each of us, and guided, with our Lord's help, through the great depression of the 1930s, a great war in the 40s where one of my brothers was severly injured (a marine in Iwo Jima) soon after the American flag was raised.  Another brother who was in the Army in "the army of occupation" after "cease war" was declared became seriously ill from a kidney infection, was given the wrong type blood and was sent back to a hospital in Texas where he died in 1947. 

We were all taught to work as we grew old enough to pull weeds, or carry in wood for our stoves to cook and keep warm, gather eggs, and milk cows.

But it was not all work.  We played a lot.  In summer, we always had a croquet set in our yard, and 2 or 4 or 6 could play at one time.  My Daddy and Mother were fun loving and taught us to be graceful losers as well as joyful winners.  In winter, after lessons and chores, we played cards or dominoes, and outdoors in the snow or on the ice.  Most of the time we farmed. 

We walked to county schools from up to 2 1/4 miles (at one time) even in coldest of weather, unless our daddy came in the "big" wagon with a straw bed to get us.

I married a wonderful man in 1943.  He went to be with our Lord in 2001.  we had 3 children, 6 grandchildren, and now have 12 great grandchildren.  We had 58 years together.  We were priveleged to travel to 49 of our 50 states (missed Alaska).  What a prosperous and wonderful country we have.  God has so blessed my family, and they are raising their children to love the Lord in such a way that they have accepted Jesus as their Saviour and are being taught to walk in His way.  It is my fervent prayer that you do the same.  Remember that nothing or no one can keep God from loving you, and so do I.

My very best to each of you.
Sincere love and prayers,
Lucille Williams
Clinton, MO


July 2008

Dear Alpha Christian Children's Home,

The children of Dewey Christian Church raised $516.07 during their VBS this year. They were taught about the children who sometimes need help and a place to stay like Alpha Children's Home. They were also given a challenge. If they raised $300.00, they would get to put a pie in the face of Gene Wilde, our youth minister. They reached that goal. . .so they were given a new challenge. . .Gene would shave one of his legs if they brought $350.00! Again the challenge was met and exceeded. So, much to the joy of all the children at VBS, Gene not only received a pie in the face, but also went home with 2 freshly shaved legs. What a great time for everyone here at Dewey Christian Church!

Renae Barnett, Secretary
Dewey Christian Church
Dewey, Oklahoma

August 2007

Dear Michelle,

Thanks sooo much for allowing Taloga Christian Church minister to you! We had a great time as well as enjoyed your hospitality! . . .

[Taloga Christian Church brough a wonderful group of adult and youth volunteers to undertake a great number of needed ranch and home work projects during the week of July 29 - Aug 1.]

Rev. Allan Patterson

August 2007

Dear Alpha Christian Children's Home:

The Pre-School and Middle School children of our church have been learning about giving, helping others, and offerings. Each Sunday when I pick up the offering, I have found a yellow envelope like the one I have enclosed. I have kept count of their offering, and the teacher & our board thought it would be good if these little people had a mission, and about the same time we got your request in the mail. Now, I would say, "God has a plan!"

He is so wonderful.

Our prayers,
Canton Christian Church

September 2005

Dear Alpha,

I thank God for your diligence & dedication in working with the children at Alpha. I know what a difference you make in the lives of children. I pray God will continue to meet the needs of your ministry. Thanks to all of you there at Alpha.

Grace & Peace,
Carolyn Zellner
Humboldt, KS

August 2005

Just a note to tell you that you are in our prayers. It is always good to receive a note from you. Enclosed are two checks to go toward purchasing school supplies. God bless your efforts as you work with the children, showing them that you care and that God does too.

Sunshine Circle
Ruth King
Redwood Falls, MN

July 2005

Dear Children's Home,

Keep up the good work in the name of the Lord and you will be blessed and are blessed. I always wish it [my contribution] could be more, but each little bit helps. May God bless and use your facility until He returns for His own.

Ada Andersen
Blair, Nebraska

June 2005


It's always good to hear what's going on up there with all of you.

We'll have a new look to the OCC [ Ozark Christian College ] cafeteria in the fall. They're adding additional seating & making changes up in the snack bar. Highest Praise is there this week. The food is being catered in & we're serving it in the gym. Do you ever get down this way? Look for me if you do. Have a great summer!

Joanne Towne

June 2005

I read of your many needs in the latest newsletter. Please use this for whatever you need most. I was especially hoping to help with your pressing need for household appliances like a new vacuum or help toward the stove & refrigerator. Thanks for letting us know.

Vickie Hull

June 2005

Enclosed is a check … a blind lady gave me a $5 bill in May and another in June to send to your children. She thought it might help pay for glasses if someone needed them. I told her the June/July newsletter had a picture of Hannah and Dianna wearing glasses. She can't see to read, but I will be glad to relay any thanks from the Home to her.

Also enclosed is a check … in memory of Robert F Cross from Doralee and Gaila Mae Cross to pay for 10 tons of gravel for your driveway. When we delivered Robert's clothes & some supplies in May, they were getting the gravel spread. We enjoyed our trip to the Home. Sorry the children were gone that day. We enjoyed visiting with Mr. & Mrs. Snavely. God bless your work.

Doralee & Gaila Mae Cross

May 2005

Dear Kids,

We are sending you a basketball and volleyball to have fun with. We saved our money and put it in a jar and Coach Willis Colson helped us buy them. We think they are really pretty and we hope you have a good time with them. We hope sometime we can come see you and play with you.

Love, Kenzie age 8 and Colton age 6
Kiowa, Kansas

PS Please let us know if you got the balls and if you like them, we are so excited to know!!

Please note: We only have 2 children in our church, so this was a big project for them! Mrs. Hyde, Children's Worship Leader, The First Christian Church, Kiowa, Kansas

April 2005

Dear Friends at Alpha,

Thank you so very much for the photos of the Mexico Trip and the nice letters about the trip written by: Tyson, Josh, Clayton, Molly, JC, and Barbara Lyles, All the letters were very interesting. I really enjoyed them and the pictures.

Marvin can't see to read and look at the pictures. I read the letters again to him. He enjoyed them too. Also hope the Snavelys had a good 50 th anniversary celebration. We send our love to you all at Alpha. I like the motto “Go Serve Others.” Thanks for everything.

M & N Tate


January 15, 2004


Decided to write you a few lines. I have been corresponding with you for some time by sending money from our Fellowship Class. Now I am sending coupons. That is something that I enjoy doing, and I do hope the coupons are very helpful to you. I try to sort them by months. My eyesight is not as good now so I may make mistakes on them.

A little bit about myself. I have been a Christian nearly all my life. I will be 90 in July if the Lord spares my life until then. I am in fair health. I had a pace maker installed in February. I am also on oxygen all the time. Doctors say I have a lung problem from being around chickens too much. My lungs just don't make the necessary oxygen. I have a really nice oxygen system, so am able to get out and do the things I enjoy doing.

I really do enjoy doing ceramics, and my family enjoys receiving the things I give to them.

I do appreciate all you do there for the children who need a good home and also they are learning about our God and His Son.

God Bless you all, Sylvia I Martin

P.S. The “I” stands for Irene and nearly all my family and friends call me Irene.

August 2, 2003

Dear Alpha,

This summer has been very nice! My mother got married June 14 th and I moved up to a 4-lane intersection on selling lemonade. (It's much nicer!) I just got your letter today on the one dollar campaign and I'm enclosing $2.05 and Campbell's [labels] and Box Top [symbols]. I hope this will help. Tell all the kids hi from me. I'm going into sixth grade! I might sell hot chocolate this winter. I'll sell some more lemonade though this summer. Well I have church tomorrow so I got to go to bed.

In all his glory, Ashley Carter

April 16, 2003


When I was about 8 years old, I began taking piano lessons. I was delighted—until I found out it required practice .

I would sob and say, “I can't play this ol' piece! It's too hard!” My mom said, “Oh, yes you can.”

There was a peach-tree beside the house; she brought in a little keen branch, laid it down nearby. I don't recall her ever hitting me with it, but I KNEW IT WAS THERE!

When my effort began to make music, I soon enjoyed practicing. I started teaching piano when I was in high school. I haven't taught continuously, but at age 83, I am still teaching—have three students, one an adult beginner . Both of our daughters are good singers—one is teaching voice. Our youngest grandson graduated from Bible College—magna cum laude, Biblical studies and music. Was awarded a 2-year scholarship—piano, etc.—at a university.

Our youngest granddaughter—his cousin—is a junior in Bible College, a voice major. Plays piano, also.

Hope you will forgive my long-minded way of trying to encourage you to keep on . Music is a beautiful art-form, and an amazing science—a marvelous gift from God!

Sincerely, “Granny” Sadie Evelyn Lusby

January 9, 2003

Dear Alpha,

I know you don't know me. I came to Prairie View Christian Camp. My name is Ashley Carter. I'm 11 and in 5 th grade. What you told us about how you teach kids about Christ touched my heart. I want to thank you by giving you $16.61 cents. I saved it up by selling Kool-aid all summer. I thank you very much for being an inspiration to me. Thank you and hope to keep in touch with you. Also try to come back to camp. It was fun!!

In Christian Love, Ashley Carter




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