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Frequently Asked Questions

What sources place children?

Generally family members, guardians, or courts..

What age and type of children do you care for?

Ages of children cared for include infant through age 18, both boys and girls. We take children that are in need and can function in a family home atmosphere with Christian parental guidance and discipline.

Is Alpha state funded?

No.  Alpha is 100% privately funded.  We are always in need of financial support.  Our support comes from churches, individuals, businesses, and groups interested in helping children.

Do you have state regulations?

Yes, we must comply with all statutory laws and regulations governing child care and non-profit organizations.

Is Alpha non-profit?

Yes, Alpha is a non-profit incorporation with a clause, should Alpha dissolve, the Board will, after paying all liabilities, dispose of all assets to a non-profit organization, not an individual. Alpha has an five member governing board.

Is there a fee?

No, only if funds are available, or the family can afford to help, do we receive any assistance from them.  We do not charge a tuition for those we serve.

Who do you contact for a placement?

Write or call Michelle Kincaid, Director, and express your need for a placement. She will let you know if you may fill out an application for placement for your child.

Alpha's telephone and fax number is (785) 597-5235

You may write to the following address:

Alpha Christian Children's Home
PO Box 727
Perry, KS 66073-0727

What are your needs?

Alpha is 100% privately funded, and there is no tuition charge for those served.  We are always in need of financial support, as well as food, clothing, and toys for the kids.  We also have a list of special needs. 

Alpha is a ministry for children in need due to abuse, neglect, being orphaned, troubled, or other forms of dysfunction.  Alpha provides the children with a loving family and opportunities for healing and growth.  A school learning center promotes excellence and success academically, sometimes for the first time, for each child. 


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