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Extracurricular Activities at ACCH

Playing in the snow

The children love the Winter Snow. Cold! But so much fun!


Swimming at the YMCA is just one of the activities that are available to the children.


Mowing the grounds is a lot of work. The kids are responsible for helping to keep everything trimmed up in the summer.


Guitar practice goes outdoors when an amp is utilized!


Happy Birthday! The kids truly love a good birthday party.


Switching rooms for the boys and girls entailed painting them to fit each new occupant.


Art is one of the many interests of the children


Baby gets a lift


He painted his room changing it from the pink left by the previous female occupant to a manly blue.


The children learned a lot helping the volunteer men with the kitchen renovation in the Alpha House.

Installing Cabinets

Installation of kitchen cabinets was right down the boys' alley.

Getting Baptized

Baptism marks the acceptance of Salvation offered through Christ. What a joy it is to witness this occasion!

Boys Biking

Free Style

The children love to bike around the property when the weather is good. Here the boys whizzed by school on one of their bikes. You could just see the exhilaration on their faces as they flew by.


Music Lessons

The children are given the opportunity to take music lessons if that is something that interests them. Piano and Guitar lessons are the most popular!


You gotta license for that thing??

Imagine this buggy putting down your driveway! It has a sweet little passenger too…

Rick in Mexico

Rick on a Mission Trip to Mexico visiting with a Mexican child

Kimberly in Mexico

Kimberly on a Mission Trip to Mexico, applying stucco to the walls of a house they were building

Tyson and Joshua

Tyson and Joshua in the local Lecompton baseball league

Carnival Hannah

Hannah coming through a maze for kids at the local carnival

Carnival Kimberly and Tyson

Kimberly and Tyson racing to the finish line at the carnival

Field Trip to Capitol in Topeka

Field trip to the Capitol in Topeka


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